Marketing Content Hub plays nice with Microsoft technologies and products and is a great driver for Azure consumption — but there’s more.

Key benefits for Microsoft sales teams

Cover marketing technologies business cases that are not addressed by own Microsoft solutions with great reference clients, complementary to the Dynamics offering in the back office and customer experience solutions in the channels.

Provide client with an innovative and strategic solution that drives real client value.

Support Microsoft in the CMO conversation and bring Azure from commodity to strategic platform choice.

Drive Azure consumption with a great use case fit, sticky consumption and smart consumption of Azure USPs.

Aligned with Microsoft and Azure technology stack and Microsoft applications integrations. Features a LogicApps connection for modern, cloud based enterprise integrations.

Flexible engagement model that allows Microsoft professional services and third parties to be leveraged without extensive training

Commercial highlights

Targets enterprise and mid-market accounts across verticals.

Private Enterprise or multi-tenant Professional SaaS offering.

Sticky Azure consumption.

Stylelabs operates globally and is a Gold ISV & Cloud, CSP Tier 1, Azure advisory board, Enterprise Cloud Alliance and HiPo account.

Drives great Azure consumption

Marketing technologies are a great use case fit for cloud, with requirements around global distribution and scalable transcoding of large files with lots of interaction with external parties

Marketing Content Hub has a long lifecycle and makes for a committed and sticky consumption compared to consumer facing use cases such as campaigns

Wherever possible Marketing Content Hub leverages Microsoft Azure at a PaaS level – including blob storage, App-service, traffic manager, Service Bus, vision API and many more.

Closes the gap in Microsoft’s marketing solutions

Marketing Content Hub is Microsoft’s own enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

Marketing Content Hub covers and unifies several traditional business cases with one integrated solution.

Complements and supports Microsoft Dynamics with marketing master data capabilities, including media files and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s preferred partners in Customer Experience.

Microsoft and Stylelabs have already demonstrated several joint wins in the market.

Digital asset management (DAM)

Product information management (PIM)

Marketing resource management (MRM), campaign management

Creative project management, work in progress, collaboration and workflow

Brand portal, marketing portal, brand store

Channel publishing

Web-to-print and layout automation

Helps the CMO and business conversation

Marketing Content Hub supports the CMO conversation with a solution that addresses real world challenges with an innovative vision, tangible functionality and proven success.

It helps to upgrade the positioning of Microsoft Azure from an infrastructure and commodity topic, to a business and strategic benefit and platform of choice.

Marketing Content Hub complements and supports Dynamics with marketing master data capabilities, including media files.

And since this is a specialized conversation, our CSO is at your service to chime in on the pitch.

Flexible engagement model

The Marketing Content Hub comes with a flexible engagement model that allows us to cover different appetites and leverage partnerships with Microsoft and third-party suppliers.

Stylelabs provides presales support to help you turn an opportunity into a deal.

Available as a private Enterprise or a multi-tentant Professional SaaS.

Stylelabs provides in-house services for core implementation and support.

Microsoft professional services or third-party SI’s can be leveraged for commodity professional services, integration and support work without extensive training.

Flexible engagement model that allows Microsoft professional services and third parties to be leveraged without extensive training