Marketing Content Hub

A marketing platform that brings content together

Marketing Content Hub is an innovative software platform that covers and unifies multiple traditional business cases in the enterprise marketing technologies space, such as Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Marketing portal, Web to Print and more.

Marketing Content Hub provides marketers with a 360° view of all of their marketing content and processes – finally giving marketing, product management and sales organizations control over their own data.

It aggregates existing content, supports the processes to create and localize new content and distribute them to multiple publication channels.

Marketing Content Hub at Microsoft

Stylelabs provides the Marketing Content Hub software and implementation services to Microsoft for CloudDAM, Microsoft’s own enterprise wide DAM platform.

CloudDAM runs on Microsoft Azure and has been featured as a great example of Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, by providing an enterprise-wide, cloud-first, mobile-first productivity tool to supports modern biz.

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Customer value

Innovative and strategic solution that drives client value

Marketing Content Hub provides a new and unique offering in the market, with its integrated scope of capabilities that comes out-of-the-box and in a convenient SaaS offering.

Marketing Content Hub comes with a vision that provides a foundation for many of the marketing operations challenges enterprise customers are dealing with, including content marketing and omni-channel in complex environments with multiple brands, markets and languages.

ROI in marketing operations is straightforward and tangible in cost, quality and time to market. By making marketing operations a clear and predictable process, it becomes instrumental in making leadership decisions.

A hub in the middle: Marketing Content Hub sits in the middle between master data systems and publication channels to provide a single, 360° view on all aggregated marketing data and processes. Always dedicated to the marketer.


Aligned with Microsoft technology and solutions

Marketing Content Hub is written in .NET with a best-in-breed technology stack that is aligned with Microsoft Open Tech and the underlying Azure technology stack, with key highlights redis and Elastic search.

Seamless technical and functional integration with other Microsoft productivity tools and solutions, including Dynamics, OneDrive, Office365, SharePoint; and PowerBI and a LogicApps connector.

Wherever possible, Marketing Content Hub leverages the Azure PaaS layer, including blob storage, traffic manager, service queue, cognitive services and more.

Stylelabs is a Gold ISV & Cloud Partner, CSP Tier 1 and Azure Advisory Board, Enterprise Cloud Alliance, HiPo and at the cutting edge of Microsoft and Azure innovation in close dialogue with the Microsoft product teams.

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